Tribute to Ozu


a tribute to yasujiro ozu

Tribute to Ozu is a drawing series completed for the final project of my fall semester experimental drawing/design course at RISD. Inspired by the prolific work and iconic style of Japanese film auteur Yasujiro Ozu, I wanted to explore the relationship between composition and meaning in two of his films: Late Spring (1949) and Good Morning (1959). To do this, I created two 22'' x 60'' drawings using stills from the two movies to create long, architectural forms. By emphasizing the structures that framed Ozu's films, I tried to echo his focus on the permanence of environments versus the transience of the lives that exist within them.



Late Spring

The first drawing is based on Ozu's 1949 poetic drama, Late Spring. (Ink on drawing paper, 22" x 60")


Good Morning (Ohayo)

The second drawing is based on an example of Ozu's lighter work: his 1959 comedy, Good Morning(Colored pencil and watercolor, 22" x 60")


For more information on Ozu, visit his Criterion Collection page.